Camp Buddy Bear Gets New Boulder Walls
In the beginning there was a sinking driveway with a huge crack opening up, and erosion along the entire downhill side of the house. The bank was closing in on the uphill side.

Theron McCall's Grading to the rescue!
Theron dug a patch of asphault out so they could dump a load of bolders without having them roll into the garage doors. Then the dump truck brought the first load.
Then he ripped off the old cross tie barrier. It was not structural, it was just to make you feel like you wouldn't plunge down the mountainside if you got too close.

He drove the little Cat down back to get the boulders and place them under the deck. The big cat put them over the side.
There was significant erosion under the decks. Soil had washed away several inches down the top of the poured footings - NOT a good thing.

They wrapped the poles in moisture barrier before filling with new dirt.
I had a great view from the top deck as they placed the stones for the new boulder retaining wall.

I can't believe how strong these guys are! They lifted huge rocks, and the biggest ones Theron set with the cat.
After filling and mulching it looks great! And no more erosion.
Then the drive way begins. Check out the raggedy old too-short boulder wall that was there (and sinking). All these boulders and a bunch of the dirt will be transferred back up the drive to fill in up to the turnaround. Then a new, sound (and beautiful) wall will be built and new dirt and a heavy duty catch basin drain installed.
Yeah! Best birthday present EVER was seeing NO CRACK in the foundations under this long crack in the garage slab.
Old boulders all moved, and the dirt is coming out.
Look how beautiful and stable this new boulder wall is! We won't slide down the hill now! Theron used big flat rocks that can be placed very snugly together, not junky ragged rocks that don't fit securely together.
The asphault guys came bright and early Monday am and paved the new, improved driveway.
Part 2: The Front Gets It's Boulder Walls
The front yard and walkway were sloping towards the keystone wall, and water was seeping from the bank, especially down almost to the end of the walk. It kept the bank wet all the time, and you could see where it was getting behind the keystone wall next to the driveway.

The crossties had been placed in an attempt to keep it stable and drier, and some flat stones had been sprinkled on the bank to try to stop the wash, but they were not doing the job.
Theron kept 5 big boulders from the driveway wall that he didn't need to use in the front.
These are the "before" shots along the front and around the north side of the house.
Our new BFF Buddy the Dog just loves being in the middle of everything. He comes up the hill every morning to torment the guys and get in the way.
Theron "laid the bank back" and pushed the dirt around the house and put it all the way down in front of the new wall under the deck to level that area out as much as possible to keep it secure.

He built the keystone wall up 2 more levels so ultimately he can slope the dirt down from the wall towards the new boulder wall and channel the water that comes down the hill around the house instead of into the house. He buried drainage pipe all along and around to catch more underground water and move it the same way.

Our Fearless Leader
It is beautiful to see how these guys take a pile of rocks and make these beautiful walls.

They fit them together like a jig saw puzzle.

And they are all so particular. If they try a big rock
and it doesn't fit just right AND look great, they'll move it to another location and try again.
Sometimes after a few tries they decide they just don't like it and Theron grabs it with the track hoe and uses it on the bank or somewhere else, but not in the wall.

And he is so good with the Cat that he can chose a stone, turn it over, size it up, decide where it should go. Then he places it so perfectly that the guys don't have to move it hardly at all to make it just right.

But they lift many of them and place them by hand. These guys NEVER need to go to a gym...

Amazing. I watched for hours. It's "art".
They worked so hard, but the cold, steady rain made it impossible to go on. So after this last load of rocks was dumped, we were shut down over the weekend.
Sunday was dry, and the sunset was beautiful.
They came early Monday and worked like fiends all day long. Drainage lines were buried all along the wet bank and connected to the one running around the house.
Buddy supervised from the porch and everywhere else he could get in the way.
Jerry went over and ripped a tree out of the ground and carried it off.
Theron cleaned off the bank and compacted the dirt so it wouldn't slide down.
The end of the day, only one more and it will all be done.
The Last Day - The front walk way goes in
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